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The mission of the Watany Eye Hospital since its opening in 2001 has been providing an international standard of ophthalmology health care on Egyptian grounds

WEH physicians are leaders in research and education. Our staff is composed of members from the highest and most recognized teaching universities and medical institutions in Egypt. Over the years we have been strengthening our relationships with universities, colleges and other hospitals to expand our knowledge and provide our patients with the latest and the most advanced in eye treatment strategies and treatment options.

We ensure that our residents, nursing staff and opticians are efficiently trained and always up-to-date when it comes to ophthalmological care. Advancement in diagnosis and treatment of eye disease is rapidly evolving and so are our personnel.

We not only strive to match today's best worldwide standards, but also aim to be part of the ophthalmology community setting these standards for practice in our profession.

We look forward to care for your eyesight

Message of the Hospital

We provide one of the most distinct specialized high quality medical service in Ophthalmology. Additionally, Research services and training programs for young ophthalmologists and staff are being applied to improve the quality of the provided service.

Vision of the Hospital

We goal for being one of the leaders in the scientific research and providing talented young ophthalmologists respecting the ethics of the profession to serve our country and anyone in need.

Values of the Hospital

  • Harnessing all human and technical resources for serving patients
  • Achieving the optimum level of medical service and having distinct performance
  • Being honest with our patient regarding his/her health status
  • Creating a spirit of co-operation and affiliation amid patients, employees and doctors


Built on 2,336m2 on the outskirts of Cairo and at the joint route between the city and its newest suburbs, our new premises boasts 10 operation theatres, femtosecond laser machines in 2 refractive suites, 16 fully equipped examination rooms and full investigative tools in a state-of-the-art eight-storey building
Since its establishment in 2001 by Prof Riad Fikry, Prof Fathy Fawzy and Prof Abdallah Hassouna, Al Watany Eye Hospital has taken solid steps into establishing itself as one of the most trusted medical service providers in ophthalmology. In our dedication to excellence, we have successfully stepped into today’s high-tech culture by establishing paperless operating system.

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