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Dr. Fathy Fawzy Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the board and team of Al Watany Eye Hospital, one of the leading ophthalmic healthcare providers in Egypt, I would like to welcome you back to a new edition of the Watany Ophthalmology Summit; WOS 2017.

Al Watany Eye Hospital (WEH), along with the Watany Research and Development Center (WRDC), the first accredited private clinical research center in Egypt by the ministry of health, continue to carry on with the commitment towards the development of ophthalmic education, training and research in our country and on the international level.

This year we address the highly challenging field of Anterior Segment Reconstruction, a rapidly growing field due to the advances in surgical techniques and intraocular implants designed and customized to manage special cases of major pathology and trauma including iatrogenic incidents.

This year’s program will feature a number of world class international experts in anterior segment reconstruction from the United States, United Kingdom and India, along with the consultant surgeons from diverse Egyptian academic institutions, to share their experience in managing those challenging cases.

A number of our exceptionally successful courses on phacoemulsification, retinal and corneal imaging and uveitis are back in an updated format, with recent topics and new speakers. During the two days of our meeting, fully equipped phacoemulsification and refractive wet labs will be conducted for junior and beginner surgeons under the supervision of experienced surgeons.

Our partnership with the Egyptian chapter of the Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) continues for another year to present the standard tools of investigative research and to showcase the scientific production of Egyptian investigators, with a main focus on young ophthalmologists.

On behalf of the scientific committee and the organizing team, I welcome you all and hope you will enjoy this year’s meeting.


Dr. Fathy Fawzy Morkos. FRCOphth. FRCS (Glasg.)
Chairman of Al Watany Eye Hospital.

Fathy Fawzy

MSc. (Ain Shams University), FRCS, FRCOphth (United Kingdom)

Dr. Abdallah Hassouna Welcome Message

Dear WOS 2016 attendance,
The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc. (ARVO) was founded in 1928 in Washington, DC by a group of 73 ophthalmologists. The Association's membership today numbers about 12,000 and continues to grow. Some 45% of members reside in over 75 countries outside the U.S. ARVO is a multidisciplinary and consists of both clinical and basic researchers, with activities targeting more than 13 areas of vision and ophthalmology science.
The great international shift in the nature of the ARVO structure, over the past few years, inspired the board of trustees to implement the international chapter affiliates division in the structure of the ARVO. Currently, 13 international affiliate chapters are members of the ARVO, ARVO-Egypt being the youngest among them, and the only chapter in the Arabic and African regions.
When my colleagues and myself, started the initiative of ARVO-Egypt, our objectives were directed to transferring the knowledge and experience from ARVO to the community of Egyptian ophthalmology researchers and clinicians. We were officially recognized in January 2013.
Standardization of ophthalmic research and young researchers training are the two corner stones of the actions of ARVO-Egypt. During the rather short period of ARVO-Egypt activity up till now, We were able to hold 3 scientific meetings, with the contribution of nearly 30 international speakers, 4 training workshops on different research methodologies, provided research grants to 3 young Egyptian researchers, and sponsored 7 ophthalmologists of research interest to attend the ARVO annual meeting in USA. Today, I am really excited to welcome you all to this outstanding event in collaboration with Al Watany Eye Hospital (WEH) and Watany Research and Development Center (WRDC). I am even more excited about the scientific content arranged by ARVO-Egypt for this year, featuring a live broadcast by Iris Rush, ARVO executive director, presentations about EgyResearch, ICAC committee, ARVOConnect, DFC fellowships for young ophthalmologists, and a number of outstanding free paper presentations. Our training agenda will focus on animal research and clinical trials methodologies.
Dr. Abdallah Hassouna
President, Egypt Association for Research in Vision and Research (ARVO-Egypt)

Abdallah K. Hassouna

M.D. MSc. PhD. - Professor of Ophthalmology - Ain Shams University

Dr. Mohamed El Bahrawy Welcome Message

Dear professors and colleagues,
The quality of health care in an institution, is only as good as the research and scientific production of this institution. Such a remarkable concept, requires great efforts and resources to achieve .
Ophthalmology has witnessed such a remarkable leap in the quality of its diagnostic and management modalities, due to the cutting edge technologies introduced over the past few years. Along came an outstanding increase of the amount of scientific and investigative production all over the world.
The importance of the integration of research and medical education in the ophthalmic care system of the Al Watany Eye Hospital, has always been a part of its mission and vision of the hospital from day one. These efforts started up to as individualized actions, yet every effective, but with the growth of our institution, came the need for a more organized and structured research and education entity within the hospital. The Watany Research and Development Center (WRDC) was founded in 2013, as the first R&D department in a private ophthalmology hospital in Egypt, and soon will be the first private clinical research center recognized by the Egyptian ministry of health.
As, I was fortunate to be entrusted by the WEH board, to manage and coordinate the actions of the WRDC, as part of a great team of my eminent professors and eager colleagues. We were able to set an organized framework of investigative projects, including clinical trials and animal research. Our actions also included standardized training program for our residents, a grand round sessions, and collaboration plans with international institutions as the VISSUM Institute of Ophthalmology in Spain, and national as the Minia university ophthalmology department.
The Watany Ophthalmology Summit (WOS 2016), with 89 world class international and expert national speakers and panelists, is transferring the essence of internationally recognized ophthalmology meetings to the Egyptian ophthalmic community. I hope that the material presented through the session, courses and demonstrations, will add to your knowledge, as I am sure it will greatly and to mine.
Dr. Mohamed El Bahrawy
Director – Watany Reseach and Development Center (WRDC)
ARVO- Egypt - Chapter Coordinator/ ICAC Representative

Mohamed El Bahrawy



Built on 2,336m2 on the outskirts of Cairo and at the joint route between the city and its newest suburbs, our new premises boasts 10 operation theatres, femtosecond laser machines in 2 refractive suites, 16 fully equipped examination rooms and full investigative tools in a state-of-the-art eight-storey building
Since its establishment in 2001 by Prof Riad Fikry, Prof Fathy Fawzy and Prof Abdallah Hassouna, Al Watany Eye Hospital has taken solid steps into establishing itself as one of the most trusted medical service providers in ophthalmology. In our dedication to excellence, we have successfully stepped into today’s high-tech culture by establishing paperless operating system.

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